• Bhaskar Hande
  • Dependable Aspects 1986-90
  • Cosmopolitan Compliments 1990-99

In visual art the ultimate outcome of the soul is the feelings of evolution
and many dimensions while artistic development occurs. As it appears
technique,theory,style and methods of work are different but visual thinking
lies on a certain layer of altitude-latitude. Development of soul and visual senses
go beyond the birth of artist as well as human. Finding the path of ancestors
is one way of researching history, searching identity of soul is a Babylonia of language
and probing visual sense is a nightmare of personality. Methods used to find out time
and age are archaeological bibliographic and scientific measures. Methods of analyzing
visual sense and sources of inspiration provides enough notions to have an affair
visualization. Artistic expression is direct contact with the fine senses of mankind.
But the complexity of human senses is much more complicated than what science,
psychology and history describe. Everyone tries to solve problems with there theory,
method,style and technique. At the moment I would like to pay attention to the
visual field. Art history, Theory and philosophy has had explained
the cultural evolution and development of Arts.